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Yucca Ropes: The DIY Ancestral Puebloan Static Line by Len Necefer

Yucca Ropes: The DIY Ancestral Puebloan Static Line by Len Necefer

In the late 1300s, experts point to drought and other environmental stressors impacting the Puebloan people in the Southwest leading toward societ...
Icons in Danger and Desert Medicine by Birch Malotky

Icons in Danger and Desert Medicine by Birch Malotky

Joshua Tree National Park is a refuge. I don’t know if I’d decided this by then, sitting folded into the crook of Cyclops Rock, but I felt it. The...
Creeksgiving by Luke Mehall

Creeksgiving by Luke Mehall

No place soaks up sun like the Johnny Cat enclave at the Cat Wall, Indian Creek. The maroon cliffs are striped with perfect cleaved fissures, like...

The Climbing Zine's Manifesto

In an age when the power has been given to the people, we have come to offer up our own outlet for what rock climbing means to us, The Climbing Zine.

            We were born on the rock face, in the moment, gripped, but so focused that our fear was transcended, and channeled. We climbed. We found the essence of climbing on the rock. We found a feeling like no other, a high, one of connecting with nature.

            We created The Climbing Zine because we couldn’t find a source of media that told the stories of climbing we wanted to read. The culture of rock climbing is evolving and changing. We recognize that the only constant is change. The world is changing, how we interact, and how we tell our stories. Yet as much as climbing changes, its core remains the same. We’re beautifully human on a rock climb. We face our fear, and overcome.

We care little for numbers, we care for words, and we love a great story. As Alex Lowe once eloquently said, “The best climber is the one having the most fun.”

The Climbing Zine is a collection of memories of treasured experiences. We are here to reclaim the soul of rock climbing, and take it back to the essence.